University Lecturer

Geelong has grown into an education hub. With growing schools, University and TAFE training capacity, Education and Training is the third fastest growing employer in our region. Overall numbers of teachers and trainers are up 17.2%, since 2011, and 37.3% since 2006. Some careers, like early childhood education, have grown 76.03% since 2006.

University Lecturer
What does a University Lecturer do?

  • Teaches tutorial classes of undergraduate and post graduate students.
  • Supervise student learning on line and in one on one mentoring.
  • Classroom management.
  • Plan and produce lectures.
  • Deliver lectures.
  • Teaches a range of subjects: literacy, numeracy, science, PE, music.

What do I need to be good at?

  • Teaching.
  • Working with students of all ages.
  • Problem solving.
  • Following process and meeting education outcomes.
  • Working in an education team.

How much does a University Lecturer get paid?

Starts at $60,755 and progresses to $129,513 depending on your experience, qualifications and responsibilities.

How does a University Lecturer get trained?

  1. University Lecturers need to complete a post graduate degree, a Masters, or a Doctorate in their field. This takes between three and six years.
  2. University lecturers can complete a Grad Certificate in University Education which takes around 12 months.

Where are the jobs for University Lecturer?

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What does this job lead to?

  • University leadership roles.
  • Unit chair.
  • Head of teaching.
  • Research managers.
  • professor.