Dreaming real career dreams for
Geelong, in Careers that Teach.

All Dream Real statistics are drawn from the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2011. All projections are determined from current national and regional industry trends informed by ABS and City of Greater Geelong statistics.

The Geelong Careers app links to eight trending regional industries:

Careers that Teach is the third fastest growing employer in our region. With growing schools, and a strong University and TAFE training capacity, Geelong is an education hub . Overall, numbers of teachers and trainers employed in Geelong’s many education facilities are up 13.74%. Some careers, like early childhood education, have grown 76.03% since 2006! There are more than 7,000 local people employed in careers that teach.

Trending employment in Careers that Teach Number of jobs Percentage increase
(2006 to 2011 census)
Primary school teachers 2100 ▲ 7.58%
Secondary school teachers 2043 ▲ 4.66%
Vocational educators 613 ▲ 40%
University lecturers 524 ▲ 20%
Early childhood educators 299 ▲ 76%

Cover shot provided by Lynden Smith

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